Team Registration & Re-Commitment Form

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100 Guys Who Share – Yarmouth County

Team Registration & Re-Commitment Form

Commitment: With our signatures below, we are agreeing that the information we provide below is accurate and true. We are pledging to participate in 100 Guys Who Share – Yarmouth County, and we are making a “team” commitment to contribute $400 each calendar year ($100 quarterly) to local nonprofit organizations serving the Yarmouth County. We understand that as a team we only get one vote. We agree to donate each quarter to the nonprofit organization selected by the group’s majority vote. If we are unable to attend a quarterly meeting, we will either send our check(s) with another attending member to deliver on our behalf, mail it as requested after the meeting, or pay online, if that option is presented. We also acknowledge that photographs and videos taken at events and meetings may include our image and may be used in promotional materials for 100 Guys Who Share – Yarmouth County.

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Completed Commitment Forms may be scanned and sent via e-mail to 100 Guys Who Share - Yarmouth County or forms may be completed and turned in at a meeting. (Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time after your four-time commitment, please send an e-mail to, indicating your withdrawal.)